EurKEY The European Keyboard Layout

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  1. Uncompress the zip file onto your desktop. This will create a new folder named eurkey.
  2. Open the folder and execute setup.exe
  3. Choose the new keyboard layout by clicking on Start - Control Panel - Regional and Language Options
    Alternatively, run RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL intl.cpl,,2
  4. Relogin. In case you have already used an older version of EurKEY restart the computer.
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Layout files

Download Layout version 1.3.pdf
Download Layout version 1.3.pdf (this PDF includes all special characters like math symbols and Greek alphabet)
Download Layout version 1.2.pdf
Download Layout version 1.1.pdf
Download Layout version 1.0.pdf

EurKEY is included in xkeyboard-config 2.12 and newer. I however created an apt repository for debian based operating systems (e. g. ubuntu). You can also download the deb package and install it manually.

EurKEY is probably already installed

Try an already shipped version with this command:

setxkbmap eu

Installation from repository

You can copy+paste the following lines as root into your console in order to add the repository.

wget -nv -O - | apt-key add -
echo deb stable main | sh -c 'cat > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/'
apt-get update

Download and install EurKEY with this command:

apt-get install eurkey

Manual installation

Download the deb package, cd to the directory where you put the downloaded file (eurkey.deb) and install it with dpkg -i:

dpkg -i eurkey.deb

Apply the layout

Run setxkbmap

setxkbmap eurkey

Or choose EurKEY from the keyboard layout configuration panel. EurKEY is made available in the layout lists of the following languages

Download Layout version 1.3.pdf

There's a EurKEY project for Mac OS X on GitHub managed by Jonas Diemer. You'll find the sources and project files here.

Leonardo Brondani Schenkel has completed the layout based on Jonas' work and aims to be 100% compliant with the version presented on this page. You'll find his sources and project files here.

Thank you, Jonas and Leonardo!

This is a very old version of EurKEY and will probably not work on your linux installation, but may help you creating your own Xmodmap definition. Use this only if you know what this is all about.

Download EurKEY (version 0 alpha)

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