EurKEY The European Keyboard Layout


Steffen Brüntjen
Herrfurthstr. 24
12049 Berlin
P: 01520 9393952



  • Christian Röper for helping this version to be part of most Linux distributions
  • Jonas Diemer for creating a MAC OS X version
  • Leonardo Brondani Schenkel for his MAC OS X version
  • Vincent de Lau for providing me some secret key mappings (fixed in Windows version 1.2)
And thanks to all of you for your amazing feedback!


If you are on StackOverflow, spread the layout and vote this answer up!

Consider giving a donation. All work is done without financial compensation; the total amount of received donations don't cover server cost. (Needless to say that EurKEY will be free forever anyway.)


Here's a blog entry of the world's first EurKEY hardware keyboard!

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