EurKEY Das Europäische Tastaturlayout

Letzte Änderungen

Version 1.3
Added ✓ and ✗ (replacing © and №)
Added capital ß (ẞ)
Made ¬ a dead key with these bindings:
  s                   §
  1                   №
  2,3,4,5,6           ½,⅓,¼,⅔,¾
  c,p,r,t,T           ©,℗,®,™,℠
  h,j,k,l,u,i,n,m,=   ←,↓,↑,→,↖,↗,↙,↘,↔
  H,J,K,L,U,I,N,M,+   ⇐,⇓,⇑,⇒,⇖,⇗,⇙,⇘,⇔
Version 1.2
Moved dead key ¨ to ' (shift + altgr)
Replaced dagger (†) with degree (°)
Replaced eth (ð and Ð) with d with stroke (đ and Đ)

Linux version
  · Added the greek alphabet (using X11 standard mappings)

Windows version
  · Added missing trema letters
  · Added missing caron letters, incl. Ǯ (#) ǯ (3), Dž (Ð), dž (ð) and Ǚ (Ü), ǚ (ü)
  · Added ogonek letters (hold ctrl when pressing ` and a)
  · Added ź and Ź and ż and Ż
  · Fixed problems with ctrl+[ (Escape)
  · Fixed problems with ctrl+] (GS, INFORMATION SEPARATOR THREE)
  · Fixed problems with ctrl+\ (FS, INFORMATION SEPARATOR FOUR)

Version 1.1
Diacritics ù, ú and ò, ó were exchanged: 
  · ù and ú are now below u
  · all variations of o (o,œ,ø,ö,ò,ó) are on the very right (as the a letters are on the very left)

Diacritics ì, í and è, é were exchanged:
  · è and é are on now the center line
  · à, è, ì, ò, ù are ordered
Exchanged £ and € to match the US intl layout. € and ¢ now share the same key.

Added more math symbols.

Version 1.0
Initial release

© Steffen Brüntjen 2008-2017 · Letzte Layout-Änderung: 15 May 2017